Welcome to the Global Business Travel Association’s Chicago Chapter, 
Illinois' leading authority on business travel.

Our chapter members include corporate travel managers from all the prominent companies as well as the top hotel, airline, transportation and consulting organizations in the region. We are one of the largest and most active chapters in the country and our connection to the Global Association connects us to more than 5,000 other dedicated professionals around the globe with an estimated global spend of more than US$340 billion.

Our organization is dedicated to the advancement of corporate travel and procurement professionals. We achieve this goal by providing unparalleled educational and scholarship opportunities. Our quarterly meeting programs consistently include thought leaders from government, business and other organizations that help our members and their guests be better prepared for performance excellence expectations and career advancement opportunities.

In addition to our professional focus on business travel, we are equally committed to our local communities and work year round with DePaul University’s Hospitality School of Leadership program where we offer both internships and scholarship programs.

We invite you to come to one of our upcoming events, join our association and take advantage of the scholarship and business networking opportunities we have to offer. Joining one of our committees is a great way to get involved right from the start. Click on the Committees tab or the Contact Us tab to learn more about how we can help you succeed.

I would be happy to answer any of your questions. If I can be of any assistance to you, please contact me directly at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you at an upcoming Chicago GBTA Chapter event.


Bonnie Brabb
President, GBTA Chicago Chapter 2019-2020