NBTAPAC Chapter Challenge

"Political action is the highest responsibility of a citizen." ~ John F. Kennedy
NBTAPAC is the voluntary, non-partisan political action committee (PAC) of the National Business Travel Association (NBTA) and is the only federal PAC solely dedicated to protecting and promoting the business travel industry in the nation’s political system. NBTAPAC solicits contributions from business travel professionals across the country, aggregates their political strength and financially supports the campaigns of national candidates who are supportive of a pro-business travel legislative agenda.
4th Annual Chapter Challenge is ON!

• 50% of membership sends a communication to one of their elected officials 

• Invite an elected official to speak at a chapter meeting or host an NBTA Government relations focused meeting

• Chapter sends a letter to their Representative or Senator endorsing an NBTA endorsed bill or vote

• Chapter appoints a person to be the Government Relations liaison

• Raise $1,000 in PAC contributions regardless of Chapter size 

• The Challenge runs Convention to Convention (August 2010 through August, 2011). 

Chapter Challenge PARTNERS

Each chapter meeting their goal in the current cycle will be recognized as an “NBTAPAC Partner Chapter” at Convention. 

  Click here to view the NBTA PAC contribution form
  Click here to view the NBTA PAC "Overview and Guidance" document
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Questions??  Please contact anyone of us @
Guy Parker - [email protected] - (847) 948-8768
Elizabeth Peterson - [email protected] - (847) 663-3382
Jim Sisco - [email protected] - (630) 288-8869
For More Information visit http://www.nbta.org/.