Q&A on an NBTA Political Action Committee

NBTA has assembled a list of common questions that members have about PACs and NBTAPAC in particular. 

What is a PAC?

A PAC is a vehicle through which associations and other types of nonprofits can support federal candidates who agree with their positions on critical issues. Through a PAC, an association can contribute funds to the campaign committees of federal candidates. Without a PAC, associations are prohibited from contributing money to a federal candidate. 

How does a PAC work?

Members and staff of NBTA, and their families, can contribute to the PAC. Those contributions are then used to support candidates for federal office (members of the Senate and House of Representatives) who support business travel issues. Associations are prohibited from using funds from their general treasury or from member dues to fund a PAC, except for certain administrative and accounting expenditures. 

Who can NBTA PAC solicit?

NBTA can only solicit contributions for NBTAPAC from its U.S. members. Contributions from members outside the U.S. cannot be accepted.

Can my company support the PAC?

No, NBTAPAC can only accept contributions from individuals. 

Is a contribution to the NBTAPAC tax-deductible?

No. Unlike a gift to the Foundation, a contribution to the NBTAPAC is non-deductible.

How much can an individual give to a PAC annually?

An individual can give up to $5,000 to a PAC every year. A husband and wife each have separate $5,000 limits, even if only one has an income.

Who decides which candidates are supported? 

NBTA staff and our government relations team make the decisions on how to best deploy NBTAPAC funds. The NBTAPAC bases its decisions on the candidates’ positions and support for the business travel industry. NBTA also considers which Committees the member serves on in Washington DC. The PAC is bipartisan and gives to candidates that are helpful to our industry regardless of party.

From a practical standpoint, NBTA would tend to give to Members of Congress who sit on the House and Senate transportation, homeland security, and tax writing committees since these committees have jurisdiction over most of the issues impacting travel. Other candidates who show a particular interest in our issues might also be selected. 

The complete list of NBTAPAC supported candidates can be found on the NBTAPAC page.

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