Mission Statement

Chicago Business Travel Association, Inc (CBTA) strives to provide education, leadership and support among CBTA membership while promoting the exchange of information and cooperation with the Global Business Travel Association. CBTA encourages and assists in open communication, organizational structure and marketing opportunities with the goal of mutual growth for all.

Reasons to Join Chicago BTA:

  • If your company is contemplating establishing a travel department, this association will provide you with the resources and the contacts to make that a reality. 
  • If your company already has a corporate travel department, this association can benefit you and your company through the information-sharing process and networking with others who share the same needs and responsibilities.
  • Travel dollars are typically the second largest controllable company expense. Chicago BTA can give you expert advice in setting up and maintaining your company's corporate travel program.


Chicago BTA Member Benefits

Programs and Education.  Chicago BTA devotes the bulk of our resources to the education and professional skill development of our members.  Understanding that corporate business travel is at the crossroads of change, Chicago BTA  believes that a complete and intimate knowledge of the travel industry is crucial to the success of its members.  Chicago BTA offers continuing education opportunities including GBTA designations, direct member round table and allied member square table sessions.  Our chapter also remains abreast of the decisions being made in Washington DC and ensure your voice is heard via our Political Action Committee (PAC).

Networking.  Success in any business begins with establishing relationships among professionals in its industry.  Promoting the healthy exchange of ideas and information, Chicago BTA enthusiastically welcomes the challenges of the 21st Century and vigorously represents and supports the needs and interests of those involved in the fields of business travel.  Chicago BTA is one of the largest and most mature business travel organizations in the area.  Established in 1970 with over 250 members annually including renewals and new member activity who share ideas and gain knowledge of proven processes while listening to relevant, thought provoking speakers who are on the cutting edge of the most critical industry challenges.

Volunteerism and Leadership.  At the core of Chicago BTA are volunteers who compose our officers and committees.  Accomplished and respected professionals in the travel management industry, they focus on specific issues, which will affect our members.  Because we are a collective of interested and motivated individuals, our members have the opportunity to actively participate in the functioning of Chicago BTA, gain the experience to grow professionally and assume leadership positions.

Membership Renewals and Applications:

Chicago BTA Membership Contact: 

Membership Types:

The Chicago BTA is comprised of the following membership types:

  • Direct - Corporate Members employed by their companies with the responsibility for managing travel costs and monitoring transportation and travel services
  • Allied - Direct suppliers of travel, transportation and allied services, such as airlines, ground transportation, charge card, lodging and other specialized organizations

Membership Cost: $175  

See our Bylaws for additional information on our membership types.